Buttock Augmentation with Sculptra


Here’s a new way to augment the buttocks.  This is a treatment for those patients that don’t want to have the downtime associated with fat grafting or are just looking for enhancement in the buttock region.

Sculptra is an FDA-cleared dermal filler used for treatment of facial volume loss.  Injections of Sculptra has extended from use in the face to enhancement of the buttocks.  Sculptra being a collagen stimulator and volumizer can enlarge the buttocks and hips for two years.

Sessions last less than an hour; results can be noticed after the second session usually 4 -6 weeks after the first.  Minimal discomfort is experienced during and after the procedure.

The treatment takes multiple vials, but the idea is the same as treating the face, increasing collagen production for volume.  A sculptra treatment may cause initial side effects such as swelling, minor bruising, bleeding or bumps.  Massaging is important as part of the treatment so the product is evenly distributed.

This product can give a nice natural looking result.  It does take time and can take two to four sessions to reach your desired look.





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