Granuloma Annulare

Granuloma annulare is a harmless skin condition.   A person may notice a single raised spot, many bumps, or a rash that causes a ring-shaped pattern on the skin.  The affected skin can be pink, purple, or skin-colored but a bit darker than the person’s skin.  Sometimes the rash itches.

Treatment is usually not necessary.  This skin condition often goes away on its own with time.  Most people see their skin clear in a few months.  In some cases, clearing takes longer.  Some people have granuloma annulare for years.  Granuloma annulare rash can clear and return later in life.

The causes of granuloma annulare are unkown.  Doctors believe the immune system may play a role.  In some cases, there may be a link between granuloma annulare and diabetes or your thyroid or other diseases.

A dermatologist can perform a skin scraping or biopsy to see if you have the condition.



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