Hand Rejuvenation

Thin-skinned hands with prominent, protruding veins reveal a person’s age, even when the face and neck appear younger. Today, we can use volumizing fillers to add volume to the dorsum (backs) of the hands to smooth and volumize the hands and camouflage the protruding tendons and veins.

Lasers can help to treat brown spots and sun damage that increasingly appears on the hands as we age.  With 1-2 laser session, dark spots significantly lighten or disappear completely.

Topical treatments such as bleaching creams or non-hydroquinone lightening products are often prescribed in conjunction with or prior to laser treatments for optimal results.

There are many combinations of volumizers for this purpose.   Juvederm Ultra, Restylane and Radiesse are used to add volume to the dorsum of the hands.

The procedure is nearly painless and takes about ten minutes per hand to perform. One or more entry sites on each hand are numbed with local anesthetic and the material is placed in the sunken areas between the tendons on the backs of the hands via a blunt-tipped cannula and then massaged into place to re-inflate (i.e. restore lost volume) and to smooth the area. The results are immediate.  Bruising and swelling are common for a couple of days afterward, but generally pose no significant downtime problems.

Seeking consultation and treatment by a physician injector with experience and expertise for nonsurgical rejuvenation of the hands is essential.



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