Lichen Planus

Many people get lichen planus on their skin.  It is most common inside the mouth.  It also can form on your genitals, scalp, and affect fingernails and toenails.  On the skin, you will often see a few purplish shiny bumps.  These bumps can be very itchy.

Some people get lichen planus on only one part of their body.  On each part of the body, lichen planus looks somewhat different.

What causes these many signs and symptoms is still not completely understood.  We know that lichen planus is not a type of cancer.  We know that it is not contagious.  You cannot get the purplish bumps, open sores, or any symptoms from someone who has them.

Once it is certain that you have lichen planus, your dermatologist may recommend treatment.  Your treatment will depend on where the lichen planus appears on your body and how serious it is. A prompt diagnoses and treatment are important for other reasons.  Treatment can prevent the disease from worsening.  When symptoms bother you, treatment can bring relief and speed healing.



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