Skin Tags

Skin tags are prevalent in adults after mid-life.  It is postulated that the cause can be attributed to the bunching of collagen and blood vessels in between bits of skin. When skin rubs against skin, the folds slowly fused together and develop into skin tags.  This is the reason why skin tags commonly occur around creases and folds.

There are risk factors for skin tags which raise the possibility of developing the condition. Risk factors exist in many diseases. For example, obesity increases a person’s risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. This implies that obesity is a risk factor for diabetes. For skin tags, the following are its risk factors:

  • Being overweight and obese.  People who are overweight and obese have more skin thus increasing the possibility of the folds rubbing together.
  • Pregnant women.  There is an increase in the secretion of hormones during pregnancy.
  • Individuals with diabetes. In particular, at a prediabetes stage, skin tags are manifestations of insulin resistance.
  • People with the human papilloma virus (low-risk HPV 6 and 11)
  • Illegal steroid use. Steroids acts as hormones and they can affect how the body and muscles function. Steroids increase the tendency for collagen fibers in the skin to bond together resulting to skin tags.

Skin tags are not really cancerous and the only problem that a person might have with skin tags is irritation. Because skin tags look like abnormal growths, many people still choose to have them removed as a precaution. Most often, skin tags are removed for aesthetic reason. There are also some patients who are uncomfortable with the itching and sometimes bleeding associated with skin tags. Skin tags have the tendency to be caught in clothes, zippers and accessories. Removal of skin tags is a simple procedure, relatively painless and commonly done in many dermatology clinics.  Skin tags are often removed through cutting using scalpel, cryotherapy or electrosurgery.



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