Non-Invasive Cosmetic Dentistry Cleveland

Dr. Harvey Silverman, Founder of the Silverman Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry and a nationally recognized noninvasive cosmetic dentist, has joined our practice.

He offers the EasySmile® Cosmetic Dentistry System featuring Pro Veneer which is a stress-free
veneer system offering patients a natural-looking, affordable, non-invasive veneer in a single visit.
A patent-pending Smile Preview System ensures patient satisfaction prior to any procedure.

Dr. Silverman believes the best cosmetic dentistry can often be the least cosmetic dentistry. Now patients can determine if doing a single veneer solves the problem. More often than not, he finds that he only needs to do one or two veneers instead of doing eight or more. As a result, more patients say yes to treatment than ever before.

For those patients who do not like the color of their teeth, he found that he could often solve their problem without requiring the use of annoying isolation materials or light. The EasySmile® Cosmetic Dentistry System offers in-office tooth whitening to whiten teeth without the need for barrier isolation.

The EasySmile® Smile Cosmetic Dentistry System allows Dr. Silverman to essentially guarantee results for you before committing to having any work done. Just call the office for a consultation today.