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Brow/Forehead Lift Cleveland

A brow lift is a surgical procedure performed to reduce signs of aging on the eyebrows and/or forehead. It may also treat certain hereditary facial features. A brow lift is commonly performed in conjunction with other procedures, such as a facelift, to provide a balanced, youthful appearance to the face.


Candidates for brow lift surgery typically have deep horizontal creases across their forehead, frown lines between their eyebrows or across their nose, and/or sagging eyebrows, leaving them with a tired or sad appearance. Individuals seeking a brow lift often feel that they do not look as young as they feel.


During your brow lift consultation, Dr. Jim Parry will perform a physical examination, review your medical history, and discuss your desired goals from this procedure.  He will evaluate the thickness, texture and elasticity of your facial skin, the structure of your facial bones and skin, the overall appearance of your eyebrows and eyelids, hairline position, hair type, degree of lift needed, the position of your eyebrows, and your desired results.   Dr. Jim Parry will use this information to determine the most appropriate surgical approach, which will be explained to you in great detail.

Coronal Brow Lift

The coronal brow lift is performed for patients with low hairlines. The incision is hidden in the hair and extends from just above the ear to the opposite ear. This procedure allows for a very natural look and removes excess tissue. 

Pretrichial Brow Lift

The pretrichial brow lift is the only brow lift that actually lowers, not raises the hairline. It is ideal for patients with high hairlines who desire a fuller look to their hair. Just like the coronal brow lift, it allows for a very natural look and the incision is carefully designed to follow the hairline in its natural course so that it is inconspicuous. 

Endoscopic Brow Lift

The endoscopic brow lift is a minimally invasive technique that utilizes a series of smaller incisions and endoscopic cameras to allow for precise visualization. The endoscopic procedure is best suited for individuals with minimal drooping and sagging, since it suspends tissue without actually removing it.

Temporal/Lateral Brow Lift

The temporal brow lift is a limited brow lift that addresses the loose lateral brow skin.  This procedure would be for those who cannot undergo a full brow lift such as men with baldness.  It is also often used to touch-up a previous brow/forehead lift. The incision is hidden along the temporal hairline.

Preparing for Surgery

Patients that smoke are advised to stop smoking several weeks before brow lift surgery to improve post-operative healing. Be sure to advise Dr. Jim Parry of all medications and supplements you are currently taking, as some of them may have to be temporarily stopped before the procedure. Patients undergoing a brow lift will need a friend or relative to drive them home afterwards, and should remain with them for the first night.


Swelling may be pronounced for the first day or two after surgery, although most swelling goes away within two weeks. To prevent post-operative bleeding, you should refrain from bending or heavy lifting for the first few days after your brow lift. It may take up to six months for all swelling to fully subside and for all scars to fade.


Depending on your pre-surgical appearance and your goals, the results of your brow lift may either be subtle or dramatic. Within a few weeks after surgery, your results should be noticeable. To maintain the results of your brow lift, it is important that you use sunscreen when spending time in the sun and refrain from smoking.


Brow lift surgery is a relatively safe procedure, however, as with most procedures it carries a slight risk of complications. Although they rarely occur, these risks may include injury to facial tissue and hematoma (accumulation of blood under the skin). You can minimize the occurrence of complications by choosing an experienced plastic surgeon for your brow lift.

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