Unfortunately I was not born with the perfectly symmetrical face of a supermodel. When I smile one of my eyebrows rises higher than the other something that has made me self-conscious since I was in high school. I would turn my head in every picture so only one side of my face was visible. It might seem trivial to others and I’m sure most people don’t even notice but being self-conscious every time you smile can be seriously disheartening. The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic was the answer to my problem. With just a tiny Botox injection (something I had always thought was only for wrinkles) the muscle over my eyebrow was weakened and now they are perfectly symmetrical. This was something I thought only surgery would correct but two yearly visits to The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic is all it takes to make me feel more confident daily. The entire staff is always friendly professional and trustworthy. I am truly grateful.

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