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If you are interested in butt augmentation but are not comfortable with undergoing surgery, here’s a new way to augment the buttocks. This is a treatment for those patients that don’t want to have the downtime associated with fat grafting or are just looking for enhancement in the buttock region. At The Parker Skin & Aesthetic Clinic, we strive to offer the best butt augmentation Cleveland has to offer.

Sculptra for Butt Augmentation

Sculptra is an FDA-cleared dermal filler used for treatment of facial volume loss. Injections of Sculptra has extended from use in the face to enhancement of the buttocks. Sculptra being a collagen stimulator and volumizer can enlarge the buttocks and hips for two years.

Ideal Candidates for Butt Augmentation

Sculptra butt augmentation is perfect for patients who do not have enough fat or are reluctant to undergo a fat transfer procedure for their butt augmentation goals. It is also an ideal option for patients who want to avoid the prolonged recovery process that accompanies surgical butt augmentation.

Candidates are unsatisfied with their butt volume, size, and shape. Ideal candidates understand that Sculptra butt augmentation produces results that are not permanent. Candidates must not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

Your Consultation

You will discuss your goals and desired final butt augmentation results with us during a consultation. As part of the consultation, we will examine your treatment area and evaluate your complete medical history.

We will determine the most suitable Sculptra butt augmentation treatment plan and discuss this plan with you. Every detail of the treatment plan will be properly explained, including preparation, the treatment session, aftercare, and the number of sessions recommended according to your goals.

The cost and the potential results of Sculptra butt enhancement will also be discussed. A convenient schedule will be chosen for your treatment.

What to Expect During Your Butt Augmentation

The patient will be wearing a gown and will lie comfortably on their stomach. The treatment area will be sterilized, and a topical anesthetic may be applied for the patient’s comfort. Sculptra will then be injected into the buttocks according to the treatment plan. The treatment area will be cleansed at the end of the treatment.

Sessions last less than an hour; results can be noticed after the second session usually 4 -6 weeks after the first. Minimal discomfort is experienced during and after the procedure. The treatment takes multiple vials, but the idea is the same as treating the face, increasing collagen production for volume.

Butt Augmentation Recovery and Results

This product can give a nice natural-looking result. It does take time and can take two to four sessions to reach your desired look. A Sculptra treatment may cause initial side effects such as swelling, minor bruising, bleeding, or bumps. Massaging is important as part of the treatment so the product is evenly distributed. It is best to avoid sitting on your butt for the first part of your recovery.

The results of your Sculptra butt augmentation procedure can last up to two years. You will need follow-up Sculptra treatments to make the results last longer.

The Cost of Butt Augmentation

The cost of your butt augmentation will depend on the amount of Sculptra needed to provide you with your ideal results. During your consultation with one of our medical providers, they can take the time to understand what your ideal results are to help determine the potential cost of your butt augmentation in Cleveland. Financing options through CareCredit are available.

Schedule a Consultation

For more information on Butt Augmentations or to schedule a consultation for a personalized treatment plan with one of our providers, please contact us.

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