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Are you looking for glowing, fresher looking skin? More effective than a microdermabrasion, but not nearly as aggressive as other resurfacing lasers, Clear + Brilliant might be right for you! Clear & Brilliant is a gentle Fraxel laser treatment designed to help you fight or even prevent early signs of aging. It works on the surface layers of the skin and gives subtle results with little or no downtime.

Clear & Brilliant LogoClear & Brilliant works by exfoliating away layers of skin to reveal a smoother, clearer and healthier complexion using proven Fraxel technology—just not nearly as intense as other fractional lasers. As a superficial laser peel, the Clear & Brilliant laser creates microscopic holes to help jumpstart your body’s healing process and make new collagen. After a few or more 20-30 minute treatments, you should walk away with improved skin tone, texture, and clarity. Sessions can be as close as two weeks apart.

Clear + Brilliant is the perfect treatment for anyone looking for an easy introduction to laser skin resurfacing. Nice results can be achieved on younger skin that does not require a stronger treatment. Clear + Brilliant is also excellent for thinner aging skin, such as aging skin on hands, neck or decolette. Great for delicate thin skinned faces as well. May be used as maintenance in between other rejuvenating treatments.

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