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The Masseter muscle is a thick and rectangular muscle of mastication found in the jawline. The masseter muscle is the main muscle of biting and grinding. It is a strong muscle in comparison to the frown muscles or forehead. Patients with square lower jawline have a masseteric muscle hypertrophy or enlargement of one or both masseter muscles. Aside from genetics, enlargement of the masseter muscle is caused by asymmetric chewing caused by dental problems, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, food intakes and personal habits (ie: frequent gum chewing, jaw clenching or grinding and bruxism.)

Botox Cosmetic can be injected to reshape your lower jaw and to reduce the width and shape of your lower face. It can usually be accomplished with 3 to 5 small injections of Botox into the masseter muscle. Preventing the muscle from contracting over a period of time weakens the muscle and reduces its size. The benefits of the injections can be twofold: patients can expect improvement in facial balance and change the shape of an overly square face and secondly some patients will experience pain and discomfort as a result of an overly large masseter muscle. Botox can help shrink the muscle and both reduce its appearance and lessen the amount of discomfort the muscle exerts on the surrounding tissues. Before treatment when you clench your teeth you may notice your bite feels very firm. After treatment, you will notice less headaches, facial pain and enlarged masseter muscles.

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