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ACell is a regenerative medicine that facilitates the body’s ability to repair tissue. ACell contains pork derived extracellular matrix, which forms a scaffold for human tissue regeneration. ACell can help regenerate skin and hair follicles. ACell helps the body heal and regenerate. Together with PRP, or platelet-rich plasma, this offers clients the opportunity to regrow and regenerate their hair.

What Is PRP?

PRP is a substance that’s is made from the patient’s own blood. Blood drawn from the body are placed inside a centrifuge. Through this process, the platelets and plasma are separated from the other components of the blood into a concentrated substance known as PRP. PRP is full of growth factors and essential nutrients that can help to rejuvenate skin, prevent hair loss, and stimulate hair growth. Adding ACell to the patient’s drawn blood during the PRP process will result in even greater hair growth results. The ACell is an added expense to the PRP treatment but will decrease the number of treatments a patient needs.

ACell with PRP

ACell, together with PRP, boosts your body’s ability to heal and repair. This ensures that you have a smooth and comfortable recovery period. The procedure can be completed in an outpatient facility, or even in the doctor’s office. The ACell and PRP procedure is noninvasive. Injections containing the ACell and PRP mixture are made into the scalp area.

Although this can depend on your specific hair issues, for more general hair growth, the mixture is placed along the hairline and the crown. Together, the ACell and PRP procedure can help reduce hair loss, prevent hair thinning, improve hair texture, and more.

ACell Candidates

While it’s more useful to undergo this procedure if you’re experiencing earlier stages of hair loss, you can opt for it in later stages as well. The ACell and PRP procedure comes with little to no downtime, meaning that you can resume your normal activities quickly.

Aside from genetic hair loss, non-genetic hair loss can also be controlled with ACell and PRP treatment. Conditions such as alopecia, areata, and more can be managed with ACell and PRP. Growth factors present in the PRP lead to better production of new blood vessels within the body.

When ACell and PRP are injected into the target area, they interact with the hair follicles and make them stronger. The result is better hair quality as well as growth.

Anyone above the age of 18 can opt for this procedure, men and women alike. The ACell and PRP treatment is used to strengthen hair follicles, reduce hair thinning, prevent hair loss and more. It can also be used to improve the condition of the native hair.

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