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What is Glo2Facial?

A breakthrough treatment that unlocks the body’s natural superpowers: Glo2Facial is a three-step process:

Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles, amplify with LUX via our lite ultrasound experience, and detox via lymphatic massage.

What happens during each step?

Oxfoliation: Glo2Facial OxyPods react with Primer Gel to gently exfoliate the skin and create a bubbly, CO2-rich environment on the skin’s surface. The body responds by sending a surge of oxygen to the skin, which creates ideal conditions to nourish and transform the skin from the inside out.

Lux: Lite Ultrasound experience creates micro vibrations that instantly smooth the skin and increase the permeability of the skin’s protective layer, enabling better nutrient absorption.

Detox: A relaxing hands-free lymphatic massage sculpts the face, delivering instant reduction of redness and puffiness while infusing active ingredients even deeper into the skin.


What are the benefits of a Glo2Facial?

  • Provides deep cleansing and exfoliation for the skin.
  • Oxygenates for skin revitalization.
  • Infuses nourishment and hydration with active ingredients.
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Enhances skin tone and texture while boosting collagen production for firmer, youthful skin.
  • Boosts skin radiance and luminosity

Is there any downtime with Glo2Facials?

There is no downtime associated with Glo2Facial, you may return right to work and resume your normal activities.

How long do the results from Glo2Facial last?

The results of Glo2Facial can last for several weeks with proper skincare maintenance. To maintain the best results, it is recommended to receive regular treatments.

When will I see the results from a Glo2Facial?

Glo2Facial produces immediate results after one treatment. Your skin will appear refreshed, glowing, and more youthful.

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