Rejuvapen Microneedling Cleveland

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SkinPen is a minimally invasive, in-office, skin rejuvenation procedure that improves fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and other conditions by stimulating your skin’s natural ability to repair itself.
SkinPen is a medical-grade, state-of-the-art precision tool that works by creating a series of microscopic channels into the skin to stimulate production of new collagen and elastin. SkinPen helps your skin to look and feel healthier with little or no downtime.

How the SkinPen Microneedling Procedure Works

The human body has innate processes that will react to injury by producing new cells and extracellular materials (like elastin and collagen) to aid in the healing process that is how SkinPen achieves its results. By taking advantage of that natural process, SkinPen creates temporary micro-sized openings, or micro-channels, in the skin.

What to Expect After SkinPen Procedures

You can expect to experience effects similar to mild sunburns after the procedure; typically some redness, tenderness and some swelling. Despite that, there is no significant downtime after a SkinPen procedure. Patients can return to normal activities and conceal most of the mild side-effects with make-up. In a few days, there will be zero evidence that the SkinPen treatment was performed at all.

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