I visited the Parker Clinic to establish with them as well as address a couple suspicious moles that I have been watching for a while. My entire family has been going to them for years and trusts their care and advice. I am 23 year old female who loves the sun and vacationing at the beach. I have learned about skin cancer at school and felt I should stop procrastinating and just establish and have an expert watch my moles yearly. I had a great experience. They did a thorough exam and explained to me the precautions and preventions I should take for my “sungoddess” tendencies.

The staff is very personable and friendly. They gave me pamphlets and different handouts on the various procedures that are options to remove my moles of suspicion as well as other cosmetic products that could benefit me as well. I think it is very important to establish with doctors who you can form a relationship with so you feel they have your best interest at hand and you can trust their advice.

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